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Leverage your Time. Earn More Money. Enjoy your Practice!  with Dina Eisenberg JD

Practicing law and making a good living  are not mutually exclusive.

You went into law to make a difference and help others. Your talents can (and do) make a real difference in the world. You went to law school and studied hard. You know the law.

What you might not know is how to organize & manage your practice so that you earn the money you deserve, have the freedom & time you desire and have clients who appreciate and rave about you.

I can teach you that.

Whether you’re just starting out in solo practice or you’re a seasoned practitioner or a small firm under 9, outsourcing is for you!  

  • Eliminate the day to day drudgery of never-­ending to ­do lists and escape burnout.
  • Spend your time on the interesting, soul­ satisfying work that drew you to the law in the first place.
  • Focus on cementing your future lifestyle.

You want your life back and I hear you loud and clear.

My name is Dina Eisenberg, and I’m a recovered attorney and serial solo entrepreneur.

I struggled with wearing all the hats­ marketing, admin, service provider, operations manager for years. ­ There never seemed to be time to really do anything beyond the daily grind. I got stuck in the feast and famine cycle of sales.

Eventually, I discovered the systems needed to lift the burdens off my shoulders, get more backup and create more freedom to choose how I spent my time. I went on to build a 6 figure business and now I want to share those lessons with you  so you can break free, too.

Here’s what I know...

When I talked with other attorneys in solo and small firm practice about their enjoying their day, they roll their eyes, shake their heads and practically howl in frustration. They want to grow bigger, try new marketing ideas or open a new practice area but where would they find the time to learn, much less, execute those ideas?

Learning to delegate and creating your outsourcing strategy is your secret weapon to the next level of success, whatever that is for you

I strongly believe that lawyers make for smart entrepreneurs because of our training and attention to detail.

You just need to take the time to install the right systems and tools. Your practice can, and should, be automated and supported to operate without you.


Outsourcing is the best way to create your #virtualdreamteam who support you and your practice when you don’t want to or can’t work. Honestly, if you got sick, would your practice die?

Good news is a law practice that works for you and your lifestyle is closer than you think. Stop being overworked, feeling stressed out and worrying over chasing clients for work. If you’re unhappy with your practice this is for you.

The solution?

My proprietary strategies and training called the Workflow Systems for Lawyers.

What is the Workflow Systems for Lawyers?

A 3 month consulting program design specifically to help solo and small practice attorneys find where you can begin to take matters off your plate to delegate and how to do that successfully.

When you start your Workflow Engine,
you can grow your practice:

You can  grow yourself as
a businessperson, too

With Workflow Systems for Lawyers, you get expert advice, ongoing access to systems and coaching you won’t find anywhere else that helps you grow your practice year after year.

If your clients are happy but you aren’t, let’s talk.