Workflow System for Lawyers

How can you benefit most from Workflow?

These are bedrock areas we help you master so you can free yourself from the day to day and elevate your practice to the level you really want.

The Workflow Systems for Lawyers Program is tailored to
fit your needs and goals. It’s ideal for you if...

Workflow System for Lawyers

In the Workflow System program, you'll  enjoy:

  • Knowing exactly what to do after a practice evaluation that identifies to outsource and automate
  • Your Outsourcing Plan that includes 12  essential projects completed
  • 6 Monthly Accountability calls to keep you on track
  • 6 Project Planning Calls for your essential projects including checklists and tips
  • Unlimited email coaching for questions and guidance

Because this is such a customized program where chemistry matters, there is an application to join the Workflow Systems for Lawyers Program.

If you think Workflow Systems for Lawyers is a great fit for you, please apply. I’ll invite you to a brief, no­ obligation Skype call so we can get to know each other if you’re moving forward.


Companion Programs to Support your Success

Happy Client Onboarding Program

Are you missing client opportunities because you’re not returning phone calls? Have clients asked for more communication from you? The first time a person needs to purchase legal services it can be a daunting because the experience is so foreign.

Happy Onboarding Program - helps you immediately build trust with clients so that you stand out as caring and engaged against the backdrop of business-­usual­-lawyers and get hired. Take your sales conversion rate up several notches.

Here are a few of the ways you can benefit:

Onboard process­ - I will create (or review) your intake process with an eye towards developing 5­9 touches where you can deepen your connection with a prospect or new client.

Consistent marketing system I will create a repeatable customer­centric system that’s easy for your virtual team to implement

Client Appreciation - I will craft a meaningful, authentic way for you to show your appreciation and stay top of mind with clients and first in line for referrals.

This program is open to WSFL alumni only.

Lifetime Client Nurturing Program

Repeat customers are a small firm’s best friends. Why? Repeat customer spend 67% more with you. So what are you doing to create an amazing customer experience that grabs your clients and holds them like glue?

Lifetime Client Program eliminates the hassle of follow up by automating the communication process for you so so your clients feel heard and see you as engaged and responsive throughout their matter.

Here are a few of the ways you can benefit:

This program is open to WSFL alumni only.